Adobe House

If you are a home design enthusiast or grew up in the southwestern US, you’ve likely heard the term adobe house. Adobe house is a unique home type that’s becoming popular again.

In this in-depth guide, you’ll learn all about adobe houses, from what they are made of to how to build the perfect one.

What Is an Adobe House?

Adobe house is a unique home style generally found in the southwestern parts of the US. 

Adobe means mud brick in Spanish. So, an adobe house is a house made with adobe brick or mud brick. This house style is particularly suitable for dry and hot climates. 

What Is An Adobe House Made of?

When people hear the name ‘adobe house,’ the first question is, what are they exactly made of?

Adobe is a type of brick made with mud. Adobe brick combines water, straw, grass, sand, and other organic materials with the earth.

The resulting mud is compressed into brick layouts and dried in the sun. Once these bricks dry, they are used to build an adobe house. Finally, Adobe houses are made with these adobe bricks and wood.

Adobe House Features

  • Constructed with adobe bricks and wood
  • Flat roofs with rounded edges
  • Natural earthy color
  • Deep set windows
  • Exposed wooden beams
  • Benches/ seating made out of the walls


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