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Affordable Mountain Bike

Looking for the best affordable mountain bike

Want a cheap full suspension mountain bike at price but not compromise the quality? 

No worries. 

You are on the right track. Now, it’s really possible to get a full suspension affordable mountain bike within your budget. 

We discovered some great affordable mountain bikes to get you out on the trail, whether you’re working on a super tight budget friendly mountain bike or looking for the best affordable mountain bike.

We know that ‘budget’ can differ from person to person, so we have chosen a range of mountain bikes across several price ranges to let the riders match their expectations with their affordable price point. 

We’ve also picked XC and Trail style options and even found a couple of great full suspension mtb options at an affordable price. So that you can easily purchase these cheap bikes.

Go through this article to find the best affordable mountain bikes, full suspension mtb and know each model to determine their strengths and weaknesses and fix which one will be yours.

What is Mountain Biking?

If you know what mountain biking is, that’s better. But if you do not know this, you should know what mountain biking is before buying an affordable mountain bike. 

Mountain biking means riding a mountain bike for sports purposes or off-road riding. 

Usually, it refers to riding over rough terrain. However, that’s not referring that you cannot ride a mountain bike on your office or school path. 

Though, it is used to ride on the trails, near mountains, forests, or parks.

What Is Mountain Biking

Why Should You Try a Mountain Bike?

You may be aware of the benefits of mountain biking. But if you are not, I must say you will be surprised after knowing it. 

So, if you ask why should I try a mountain bike or what is the difference, the answer will be these:

  • Improves Mental Health
  • Improves Heart Health
  • Helps Losing Weight
  • Balance And Coordination
  • Connect with Nature
  • Social Activity
  • Way to Explore
  • Build Confidence

What Should You Consider to Choose a Mountain Bike

If you have decided to buy a mountain bike or want to gift a mountain bike to your favorite one, it is very common to get confused about choosing a mountain bike. 

To select an affordable mountain bike, you have to consider some options.


The first question may be: which brand should I go for or which brand is the best? 

First, you have to know the current brands popular with their customers and have provided good services for a long time.


Just not in the case of affordable mountain bikes; when somebody is up to buying anything at first, he/ she gets conscious about the price and his/her affordability. 

So, before buying or choosing an affordable mountain bike, you should fix your budget. 

But do not worry about it. You can buy a cheap full suspension mountain bike from renowned brands.


Then you should figure out which features you will go for. 

Like, would you want to deal with a hardtail or full suspension? 

What will be the tire sizes and wheel sizes? 

Then, merge your choice with your budget. 

What is Hardtail or full suspension?

There are two kinds of mountain bikes: 

  • Hardtail
  • Full suspension. 

A hardtail mountain bike contains a suspension in the front but not in the back, whereas a full suspension provides suspension both front and back. 

To buy a hardtail mountain bike or a full suspension affordable mountain bike totally depends on your choice and budget.


The frame is an important element in the search process for a mountain bike. The frame indicates the durability and sturdiness of a mountain bike. It decides how smooth your ride will be and extinguishes the rest of the bike. 

Remember that riders’ comfort and safety mostly depend on the bike frame. Aluminum frames are more lightweight and smooth to ride than steel frames. So, try to avoid cheap and heavy steel frames. 

Wheel Size:

The wheel size is another big element to consider before buying a mountain bike. It is important to decide what kind of trail you’ll be riding on. The smaller wheel size allows greater speed and agility than the bigger. 

Imagine a 28-inch wheel is great for bumpy and twisty rides, whereas 26 inches wheels are best for smooth rides. And the thicker design makes it comfortable to grip the trail. 


Another important thing about mountain mike is gear. 

You might be known that the number of gears on the bike does not decide the all and end-all, but a higher number of gears generally means smaller steps between shifts and a wider range. That can be really important when you trail up a big hill.

Disc Brakes Or Rim Brakes:

There are two kinds of brakes:

  • Disk brakes
  • Rim brakes 

The first one allows the rider to stop the bike whenever he/she wants. Most mountain bikes at this price now offer disc brakes, which allow the rider a better, all-conditions performance than rim brakes to stop.

 Rim brakes usually take more time to slow down. So, before shopping, check your budget and try to get the best facility.

How We Select These Affordable Mountain Bikes?

To give you a full description of the best affordable mountain bikes, we have added the 10 best budget mountain bikes. 

So, are you thinking about how we select these best affordable mountain bikes? 

We researched the market and available mountain bikes according to their specializations, features, categories and prices. So, if you are a woman or a beginner or on a super tight budget, there is no need to be worried. 

Here, you will get the best suggestion to match your category and preference and your budget. You can also find the Hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes you prefer most. So, read the full article and find your best choice.

Comparison Table:

Here, you will find the best affordable mountain bikes in three categories according to their best features. Each of these mountain bikes is the best one in that category and is the most affordable. Read carefully and find yours.

Benefits of These Mountain Bikes

There are a lot of benefits of riding mountain bikes including physical and mental health. If you are confused or just planning to buy a mountain bike, you should be aware of the benefits of these bikes. Here we add the focus benefits of these selected mountain bikes that will help you choose the bike best suited to you.

Benefits Of Affordable Mountain Bikes

Benefits for the Beginner

If you are a teenager or whatever your age is, just thinking about your first ride on a mountain bike, you do not have to look back. Schwinn High Timber is one of the best affordable mountain bikes that can make your dream true. In fact, you can go on a ride with this best budget mountain bike, wherever you want, like town road, school or office.

Benefits for the Women & Kids

The women mountain bike is a common search among women mountain bikers. Our research found that Hiland 26/27.5-Inch is a very reliable women bike and renowned for its benefits for women and kids. The seat height and smooth riding are especially adjustable for them.

Match your affordability

Sometimes, it might happen that you saw a dream but couldn’t fulfill it as you cannot afford it. So, do not make anybody unhappy. Here we have added the best budget mountain bikes. These bikes are capable of providing your suspension at your budget price. 

Full Suspension for Men & Women

If you are a very suspension favorite mountain rider, whether men or women, you should definitely try Gravity 2021 FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension. With both front and back suspension, this dual full suspension mountain bike will make you experience riding on every trail of the mountains. 


For a comfortable ride in snow, mud, dirt and city road or wherever you want, just choose the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire. Its lightweight and fat-tire will make sure you experience all kinds of mountain biking. 

Types of Mountain Biking

There are many kinds of mountain biking. From beginners to experts, including men and women, every rider can try these ridings:

Types Of Mountain Biking

Cross Country Cycling

Cross Country cycling is usually recommended for experienced riders and sports purposes. It helps the riders do good handling and balance. Riding on a narrow track or a dirt track down a hill or suddenly being on open paved roads refers to cross country cycling. 

Trail Riding

Recreational riders mostly prefer trail riding. This riding refers to going off-road and exploring every trail in the mountains or forests. You can be benefited from this riding both physically and mentally. 

All Mountain

Another type of mountain biking is all-mountain biking. This mountain biking is considered the purest form of mountain biking. It allows the riders to explore all the terrains of the mountains. It is more adventurous.

GT Aggressor Expert

Gt Aggressor Expert Mountain Bike


  • Drivetrain: Shimano 3×8
  • Fork: SR Suntour M3030 
  • Sizes: XS, SM, MD, LG (27.5in), SM, MD, LG,XL (29in)


  • +Signature Triple Triangle seat stays for a distinctive look.
  • +29 or 27.5in wheel options


  • -Coil fork is heavy
  • -Complicated 3×8 drivetrain

One-Minute Review

If you are one of the BMX riders or mountain bikers, GT must have been your first priority for the best affordable mountain bike. This company is famous for not only the top level of the race but also for its more affordable options.

The Aggressor Sport is an entry-level bike of GT, but it is still getting GT’s signature Triple Triangle frame design; the seat stays and seat tube overlap for stiff, multi-point contact.

The Aggressor Expert has a 3×8 drivetrain free-handed spread of gearing. Because of the 3×8 drivetrain, it may be harder for you to shift it smoothly than a single chainring setup. But, the coil fork of SR Suntour’s 80mm is smoother than most air-sprung forks at this affordable price. 

To be specific, this affordable mountain bike is heavy and sometimes it is hard to adjust for rider weight. But, the two wheel options like 27.5in or 29in give an accurate dynamic fit. In addition, this mountain bike’s geometry and handling are also appropriate for less challenging off-road trails.

Trek Marlin 7 (Best under $2000)

Trek Marlin 7 Mountain Bike


  • Drivetrain: Shimano Deore 1×10
  • Fork: Rock Shox Judy
  • Sizes: XS-XXL
  • Colors Available


  • +Quality frame
  • +Shimano drivetrain 
  • +Low weight
  • +Proportional XS to XXL sizing


  • -Old geometry best suited to mellow trails
  • -No dropper post

One-Minute Review

Are you looking for a full suspension affordable mountain bike under $1500 or full suspension mtb under $2000? 

Marlin 7 by Trek will be the best answer for you. 

Do you know the Marlin hardtail family will be the first answer if you want to know about Trek’s best-selling mountain bikes? This affordable mountain bike is one of the most popular in the world. 

With a weight under 30lbs and fast-rolling 29er wheels, this best budget mountain bike has earned:

  • A racy look by fiery paintwork 
  • A standout performer for mountain bike lovers. 

It may be surprising to you that Trek has announced their super smart decision to scan this full suspension mtb’s warranty data and only use the most reliable equipment available. With Shimano Deore gears, a RockShox Judy fork and a hydraulic brake switch, this best budget mountain bike will help you get to ride more and worry about maintenance less.

This full suspension affordable mountain bike includes:

  • A steep 69.5-degree head angle
  • Slim 29er rubber
  • Narrow, low-rise handlebars
  • No dropper post, making it a racer. 

So, what do you think? The Marlin is best suited to you if you’re after maximum speed and full suspension mtb or just comfortable and efficient to go a long-distance mileage over mixed terrain.

Co-op Cycles DRT 1.0

Co-op Cycles DRT 1.0 Mountain Bike


  • Drivetrain: Shimano 3 x 7
  • Fork: SR Suntour
  • Sizes: XXS


  • +Lightweight 
  • +Aluminum frame
  • +Durable, reliable derailleur
  • +Same components as more expensive bike


  • -26-inch wheels cover less ground

One-Minute Review

Looking for a super tight budget friendly mountain bike? Are you searching for a lightweight mountain bike, but your budget is not that high? No need to be worried. 

Co-op Cycles DRT 1.0 is one of the best affordable mountain bikes under the REI brand. This best budget mountain bike can be your best choice with the aluminum frame. 

Shimano 3 x 7 drivetrain of this affordable mountain bike provides you 21 gears to conquer a variety of terrain. Not only this, you will get 100mm of travel with the front full suspension and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes will deliver you reliable stopping power on or off-road. But, this hardtail model sometimes gets out of stock, so get yours quickly.

Mongoose Switchback

Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bike


  • Drivetrain: 3 x 7
  • Fork: SR Suntour XC-E28
  • Sizes: S,M,L
  • Colors Available


  • +Spacious geometry
  • +21 speeds
  • +27.5-inch wheels


  • -Less durable components
  • -Heavier frame
  • -Not all gears are reliable

One-Minute Review

Are you a beginner mountain biker? Want to experience biking in the mountains for the first time? 

The Mongoose Switchback will be the best option for you. The Mongoose Switchback is a reliable hardtail for the beginner. In fact, it is a great option for the beginner mountain biker and bike commuter to moderate trails, some singletrack and four-wheel-drive roads.

With a 3 x 7 drivetrain for 21 gears, this affordable mountain bike will help you experience a full suspension affordable mountain bike. But some of the lower gears of this affordable mountain bike can cause you trouble because of not staying in place. 

The Mongoose switchback affordable mountain bike comes with 27.5-inch wheels, ideal for adult riders even with a wide height range.

With a spacious geometry that allows:

  • To fit a triangle frame bag easily
  • A good crossover for a commuter bike and
  • A moderate mountain bike.

You can also experience a full suspension front with this best budget affordable mountain bike.

Schwinn High Timber (Best for beginner)

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike


  • Sizes: Various Wheel Sizes
  • Different Colors Available


  • +Quick-release seat height adjustments
  • +Disc brakes
  • +Readily available in multiple sizes
  • +21 Speeds


  • -Steel frame is heavier
  • -Twist shifters are less precise

One-Minute Review

Another option for a beginner mountain biker is Schwinn High Timber. 

In fact, this best budget affordable mountain bike is perfect for: 

  • Every rider looking to take on some moderate singletrack to the commuter
  • Who wants to ride in-town trails to work
  • Who wants to ride in-town trails to class.

With various sizes of wheels, this full suspension affordable mountain bike has both steel and aluminum frames. You can go for the steel frame if you want a lifetime guarantee. But if you are not, then go for the aluminum frame. 

But, remember this, the steel frame is heavier than aluminum. Moreover, the seat has a quick-lever release to easily adjust your height.

With disc brakes and 21 gears, this hardtail bike provides twist shifters on the handlebars. Besides, the affordable mountain bike has an alloy crank that provides ongoing gear changes that will not cause you to have more maintenance on the bicycle.

Hiland 26/27.5-Inch (Best for women & kids)

Hiland 26/27.5-Inch Mountain Bike


  • Drivetrain: 3 x 7
  • Sizes: Various Wheel Sizes
  • Different Colors Available


  • +Women-specific frame
  • +24 speeds
  • +Options for 26- or 27.5-inch wheels
  • +Disc brakes


  • -Lower-quality components
  • -Less reliable shifters

One-Minute Review

Are you in search of a women mountain bike? 

Or do you want to surprise your kid by gifting an affordable mountain bike

Then, you can choose this women-specific mountain bike with the upper tube and smaller frame geometry. This best budget mountain bike is easy to mount with safety and comfort. It is ultralight and the preservative aluminum frame allows the rider to explore mountain trails perfectly.

The lower standover height of this full suspension mtb allows shorter riders to ride the bike more easily. 

This hardtail mountain bike has 24 speeds and the drivetrain provides precise, quick shifting, which allows the rider for a variety of terrain types and disc brakes. 

In addition, this women friendly mountain bike has options for 26- or 27.5-inch wheels, and the front suspension locks out so that you can enjoy more efficient movement during climbing and sustained smooth terrain. For your kind information, the locked suspension refers:

  • To let  your fork remain inactive
  • Control any bumps 
  • To let you feel a smooth ride.

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire (BEST ALL-ROUNDER)

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike


  • Sizes: 26 Inches Wheel size
  • Different Colors Available


  • +Lightweight 
  • +Fat tire
  • +Disc brakes
  • +Comfortable ride in snow, mud, dirt and city road


  • -Not found actually

One-Minute Review

If you are looking for all the pleasure in one best budget mountain bike, Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire will be your best choice. 

This steel-framed mountain bike has supersized all-terrain knobby tires, which allows you to surpass any off-road trails.

The threadless headset is adjustable for riders of different heights. Besides, the strong and lightweight alloy rims keep the weight down to keep up speed and provide the best performance. In addition, the front and rear disc brakes offer you 

  • A safe ride in snow, 
  • A safe ride in mud, 
  • A safe ride in dirt and 
  • A safe ride on city roads.

This all-in-one best mountain bike is smooth and easy to change gears while riding and offers a limited lifetime warranty. So, if you are searching for the best affordable mountain bike under $500 with the best performance, definitely go for this.

Gravity 2021 FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension

Gravity 2021 FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension MTB


  • Sizes: Different sizes are available
  • Different Colors Available


  • +Powerful Disc Brakes
  • +Dual Suspension
  • +Aluminum Frame
  • +24 speeds
  • +Strong and Light Double Wall Rims


  • -Tires are not thick but changeable

One-Minute Review

Are you looking for a full suspension affordable mountain bike under $500? This lightweight and durable frame can make your ride like a dream.

The FSX by Gravity is a full suspension mountain bike with an advanced aluminum frame, advanced CantiBeam single-pivot rear suspension, Hydroformed tubes, and trail-ready geometry. You can use it easily because of the reliable drivetrain features MicroShift or Shimano 24 speed, which offer smooth shifting on rough terrain.

Moreover, the Trigger shifters make shifting fast and fun! You also have a chance to replace the rear derailleur hanger. And both the front and rear disc offer powerful disk brakes, which may allow you to experience a full suspension ride with safety and control. So, grab it now to get the ride speed as butter anywhere.

Mongoose Tyax (Best under $1000)

Mongoose Tyax Mountain Bike


  • Suspension Type: Front
  • Sizes: Different sizes are available
  • Wheel Size: 24″, 27.5″ and 29″
  • Different Colors Available


  • +Kraton lock-on grips
  • +29″, 27. 5″ and 24″wheel sizes
  • +Tectonic T2 aluminum frame
  • +Best for women


  • -The hardtail suspension can make trail rides a little rougher 

One-Minute Review

If you are just up to start a tough climb and winding switchbacks, the Mongoose Tyax will be the best choice with XC riding. 

It is one of the most demanding, best affordable mountain bikes under $1000. In addition, there are various sizes of wheels available in 29″, 27.5″ and 24″ and also four component spec levels.

This best affordable mountain bike is worth a damn because of the Tectonic T2 aluminum frame, which is designed to be lighter and stronger than ever and the 146 mm rear hub spacing will give you a more stable and rigid hardtail. However, this hardtail suspension can be a little rough on tougher terrain.

The Kraton lock-on grips will add a more comfortable and secure ride for you.

Trek Roscuo 7 (Best under $2000)

Trek Roscoe 7 Mountain Bike


  • Drivetrain: SRAM SX Eagle
  • Fork: 120mm RockShox Judy SL Wheel 
  • Wheel Size: 27.5″
  • Different Colors Available


  • +Stronger Brakes
  • +27. 5″ wheel size
  • +Stable enough for new riders
  • +Drivetrain: SRAM SX Eagle


  • -A maximum total weight limit (300 pounds)

One-Minute Review

Are you a fun-loving and cheerful guy? Looking for full suspension mtb under $2000? Trek is offering Roscuo 7 with a mid-fat trail hardtail for riders for guys like you. The 27.5-inch wheels allow a very confident and comfortable ride with plus-sized tires.

The full suspension 120mm RockShox Judy SL Wheel fork has plenty of travel for:

  • Absorbing shock
  • Getting rowdy and
  • Off-trail lockout capacity. 

With a wide-range drivetrain and plenty of gears, Roscoe 7 is becoming the first priority for stability among new riders. 

The Rescue 7 can make you feel like you’re flying and crush almost every trail. So, get ready to choose your favorite color.

Are Budget Mountain Bikes Any Good?

A few years ago, the best budget mountain bikes were controversial issues in question of their quality and services. 

But, in recent years, the best budget mountain bikes have gained popularity among riders. These bikes provide a trickle-down tech and they are also properly shaped to satisfy a rider to enjoy off-road fun. 

You can afford the best full suspension mountain bikes for under $500. You can even expect an air-sprung fork with decent tubeless wheels for under $1000. In addition, you can get double chainrings with the best drivetrains. 

So, we can assure you that these best affordable mountain bikes will help you get the most comfortable and superior high-speed stability and it is the best blend between slacker head angles and longer reach numbers.  

What type of mountain bike should you buy?

Based on the geometry, the mountain bikes can differ in type. It depends on the amount of suspension travel and the intended riding scenario. 

There are hardtail and dual suspension varieties. One type of this is the cross-country bike and the other is the downhill bike. So, you should decide the type of mountain bike that would best suit you. It depends on your preferences. 

So, if you want hardtail mountain bikes, you should go for the trail bikes, which are stable in handling and their geometry is very smooth that you can happily ride them on an all-day epic, with around 120-140mm of travel. This kind of bike is best to grow with your skill improvement.

What should I avoid?

At the cheap full suspension affordable mountain bikes, sometimes the bike’s weight can be heavy. 

To enjoy the full suspension, you should choose the aluminum frame, which is lightweight and smooth to ride on any trail. However, the steel frame is heavier than aluminum, which you should avoid. 

Though an aluminum frame at this affordable price was unbelievable in the previous, now you can easily afford it.

Affordable Mountain Bike FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Affordable Mountain Bike. We noticed that most of our readers looking for answers have the same question. Therefore, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions answered by our most experienced specialists to answer their questions. We hope this helps you get an immediate answer.

Can I Get Suspension at This Price?

Of course, you can get suspension at this price. Because now, these affordable mountain bikes provide a minimum suspension fork. There are also full suspensions available at your price range.

How much should I spend on your first mountain bike?

There aren’t many genuinely bad bikes. For example, the mountain bikes available on the market are very good at a budget price. However, it depends on the quality and features you want.

What Do I Know About Suspension?

You can look for air suspension, even at the beginner level. However, a hardtail mountain bike with a more straightforward frame design can offer nicer components. You can afford a full suspension mountain bike at the same price, but you should know that a hardtail also allows you to develop stronger fundamentals with your skill improvement.

Best value mountain bike: what should You look for?

Before buying the best budget mountain bike, you have to look for the feature it offers and your demand. Budget, fork, gears, disk brakes, and wheel sizes are the most valuable components that you should consider.

How Much Should I Invest in My First Mountain Bike?

The cost of a mountain bike totally depends on your budget. You can get a minimum suspension or Hardtail at a cheap price. But, you should also consider that for riding a bike, you will need a helmet, track pump, pedal, multi-tools etc. So, you should consider the costs of these when you are planning.

How Much Should I Pay For My Cheap Mountain Bike?

Nowadays, cheap full suspension mountain bikes are available at an affordable price. But, it depends on your budget and your choice, like, what kind of features you want. Now, it’s possible to get the best budget mountain bike for under $250. But, you have to consider the quality too. So, in our opinion, try to invest some more in your affordable mountain bike so that it provides you services for a long time and a smooth ride.

What Kind of Gearing Should I Expect?

The one-by (1x) drivetrain offers a single chainring on the crank. It is simpler, quieter, demands lower maintenance and less likely to drop the chain. And 2x or 3x drivetrains are known as complex.
In the market, you will find both 10 speeds and 12 speeds. These allow you more range and tighter jumps between gears.




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