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Kids Bike – Types, Sizes and Categories

Are you looking for a kids bike

Do you want to know which kids’ bikes will be best for your kid?

That’s fine. 

Here, we will suggest to you all the necessary information about how to choose the best kids’ bikes for your child. 

In addition, we are presenting some great kids bicycles that you can afford easily. 

There are many kids bike sizes available on the market.

So, these best kids bikes will be presented with a kids’ bike size chart. 

So that you can select the best kids bikes for your child and make him/her happier than ever.  

In addition, you will be a part of your child’s first adventure. 

Kids Bike Comparison Table:

Here, you will find the best kids’ bikes in several categories according to the sizes and types. Each of these baby bikes is the best one in that category and is the most affordable. So, read carefully and find the best suitable one for your child.

What to Consider When Buying a Kids’ Bike?

What to Consider When Buying A Kids Bike

Kids’ bike choices are more complicated than adults’ as it is diversified quite a bit. Every kid wants the best kids bikes with candy colored and super-cool outlook. 

Here, you will get an idea about what kind of children bikes are your childs’ first priority and whether they match your affordability. 


There are 11 types of cycling. BMX street cycling is one of them, and it has been one of the favorite choices for children over the decades. 

These kids’ bikes are:

  • Sturdy in daily use 
  • Difficult to damage

But the cons of BMX kids’ bikes are:

  • They are slow 
  • Have a limited range 
  • Single-speed drivetrain 
  • Inefficient geometry.

If your child wants to actively compete in BMX racing, however, he/she will definitely require a BMX racing bike. 

The difference between BMX street bikes and BMX racing bikes are:

  • Sizes
  • Specifications.

 In addition, BMX racing bikes are 

  • Quite expensive. 

The price range could vary from $500 to $5,000 or more.

But, If your child finds interest in skatepark or freestyle competition, he/she will require a BMX park bike built for the rigors of landing on concrete.

You might be surprised to know that most kids like a front-suspension mountain bike in the appropriate size. So that they can use it for: 

  • Neighborhood trips
  • General-purpose riding
  • Park outings

 But there are some cons to these kids’ bikes. these are:

  • not suitable for downhill
  • not suitable for jump-line riding

Due to these, they have been considered:

  • Enduro bikes with dual suspension
  • Dirt jumper with special geometry

You can also buy a traditional road kids bicycle for your children. It is great

  • For doing long-distance touring

 It contains some problems in question:

  • Fragility
  • Maintenance
  • Cost issues.

Size and Weight

As kids are sensitive and have limited strength and experience, it is critical to find the best kids’ bikes for them. In addition, children need the lightest kids bicycle that meets their needs in the correct size. So, you have to be careful about bicycle weight before buying a kids bicycle.


There is a conventional idea of letting kids “grow into” bikes. This process might save a few dollars immediately, but it can be a cause for keeping your kids away from cycling in the long run. In some cases, like mountain biking, riding a baby bike that is too large or heavier for a child can be downright dangerous. And now, most children are doing better by starting with a balance bike than training wheels on a pedal bike.

Additional Criteria

Now, you should learn the functionality of multiple gears. If your kids ride more than a few miles, it’s worth considering. It might be considered complex and cost, but it will reduce effort over longer trips. 

Then, look at the braking setup. To slow down, your child needs the right braking setup. You can choose coaster brakes that:

  • Feel natural for younger children
  • Do not require extra strengths

How to Choose A Kids’ Bike?

Have you decided to purchase a kids bicycle for your child?

Are you confused about choosing the best kids bikes?

Here, you will get all the ideas about choosing a baby bike.

For choosing a kids bicycle you should know all of these features:


Before buying a baby bike, you have to know about the bike’s material. These materials can vary according to the price, weight, durability, and look. There are two kinds of frames:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel

Steel frames are:

  • cost effective 
  • highly durable 
  • Ability to withstand shocks

But these frames are:

  • Heavier than aluminum 
  • Can rust in wet weather

On the other hand, aluminum bikes are:

  • Light
  • Highly durable
  • Near rust-proof

But aluminum frames are:

  • costly than steel.


Gears Kids Bike

If your child is a beginner biker, you should choose kids’ bikes with a single gear that can improve kids’ experience and is not over complicated.

Single speed gear also provides:

  • An easy-pedaling ratio
  • No problems in turning the pedals over

But when your child gets more experienced and skilled enough in cycling, you can provide him with more available gears. The kids bike sizes should be maintained with the ratio of the number of gears.  

With the increase of gears, it will probably be harder to pedal, but it will increase the overall speeds.  

Multiple gears are normally involved with a single cog on the front and on the rear, multiple cogs are available with a shifting mechanism on the handlebar to control them. 

Children will often have access to seven or eight gears, but some 20inch kids’ bikes can have 21 or 24 gears which provide three cogs on the front and seven or eight cogs on the rear.

Another feature of baby bikes, whether it’s a girls bike or boys bike, is the chain guard. It covers the chain wheel and the upper run of the chain to protect the child from:

  • Rubbing their leg against it
  • Getting their clothes or shoelaces snagged. 
  • It is easily removable. 


You might know that brakes are very important in the best kids bikes. Brakes depend on the following:

  • Age of your child
  • Strength of your child
Brakes Kids Bike

Brakes are two types:

  • Coaster
  • Lever-operated


The coaster brake usually provides backward pedaling that works as a brake. This brake is found on smaller bikes to let the younger children have a smooth ride. 

It also considers the lack of arm and hand strength. 


Lever-operated brakes are usually called hand brakes. Usually, balance bikes and the smallest of other bikes provide hand brakes.

To decide on brakes in a kids bicycle, you should pay heed to your kids’ age. If your child’s age is two to five years, you should go for a coaster brake. To be confirmed, see the kids bike size chart. 


The next thing to consider in a baby bike is tires. Tires can be in many different forms:

Tires Kids Bike
  • Solid foam
  • Pneumatic (simply a tire inflated with air)
  • Honeycomb rubber
  • Solid rubber
  • Hard plastic

You will find all of these items in:

  • Balance kids’ bikes 
  • kids bike 12 inch
  • kids bike 14 inch

But the increased sizes of kids’ bikes like kids bike 16 inch or kids bike 20 inch usually provide the pneumatic tires.

Now, you are thinking about what Pneumatic tires are. Right?

Pneumatic tires are the most common comprehensive benefits of an all-rounder baby bike. It provides:

  • A cushioned ride
  • A good grip 

And either,

  • Multiple tread patterns
  • Knobby tires
  • Similar to mountain bike tires


  • Standard tread pattern
  • ‘Slick’ (no tread pattern)
  • Similar to road bike tires.

The tread pattern can vary according to the riding area. Therefore, you have to choose the relevant tread type to your area to allow your child to enjoy the best possible platform for riding.

Tread pattern provides:

  • The grip on rough terrain
  • It Helps shed mud on off-road trails.

On the other hand, Slick tires are best suited to smooth surfaces that provide:

  • Good levels of grip
  • Less rolling resistance
  • Faster speeds


When buying a kids bicycle, whether it is a girls bike or boys bike, it is very important to consider the weight. Generally, the weight of a kids bicycle depends on three things:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Type of tires

The more a baby bike weighs, the harder it will be for a child. And the more a baby bike gets harder to ride, the less likely a child will enjoy the riding experience. 

Aluminum frames are light weightier than steel frames. 

There is a best kids’ bikes size chart, which we will attach here. Then, according to their height and weight, you can choose the kids bike sizes from the chart and buy the best kids bike for your children. 

It will be best to limit the bike’s weight to under 50% of your child’s weight.

Training wheels

The training wheel is a controversial feature in kids’ bikes. Many support the training wheels or stabilizers in a kids bicycle. In contrast, many disapprove of it.

Training Wheel Kids Bike

The pros of training wheels are:

  • They provide stability
  • Inspire confidence
  • Important in the early stages of riding
  • Helps the children to turn the pedals
  • Reduce the lack of strength
  • Reduce the weight of the bike 
  • Work as a bridge

And the cons of training wheels in kids’ bikes can be these:

  • Teach children bad habits
  • Making the progression without support more difficult
  • Influence braking effectiveness

So, in our suggestion, let your children use training wheels at the very beginning of riding and allow them to become confident. And after being confident enough, let them ride without any support. 

Seat height

You should check the seat height in a kids bike before purchasing. While checking the seat height, you should notice these three:

  • Minimum seat height
  • Maximum seat height 
  • Standover height

The seat height of a kids bike begins at 25cm (10 inch), and the maximum can exceed 100cm (40inch).

Other considerations

Not only the above features. Before buying kids’ bikes, you should consider some other things that will help to buy the best kids bike for your child. 

So go through these:


The grips have an impact on handling and controlling the bike, although most kids’ bikes offer flat bars. Grips are considered a key touch point in a kids bike.

So, you should be careful that the grips:

  • Are not too thick for small hands
  • It can easily be held onto
  • Have large bulges on the outside
  • Provide extra protection from falls
  • Provide extra protection from the scrape of handlebars against walls
  • Provide extra protection from the scrape of handlebars against bushes
  • Provide extra protection from the scrape of handlebars against any sharp objects


You must be familiar with Kickstands. It helps your child to stop his/her bike from dumping on the ground. 

Usually, every bike provides the kickstands without training wheels kids’ bikes, as they do not need them.


There are a lot of possible kids bike accessories that can be on a kids bike. 

As example:

  • Lights
  • Reflectors
  • Pedals
  • Water bottles
  • Cages
  • Bells
  • Baskets
  • Tassels
  • Spokey dokeys etc.

You can offer some or all of these accessories to your children so that they can enjoy the riding more and gain enough experience in riding.


Not in case of purchasing a kids bike; always check the warranty. 

To confirm the warranty always:

  • Check what it covers
  • For how long
  • What you have to do to replace it if required

You will get a lifetime warranty on the frame and a manufacturer’s warranty on parts on most of the kids’ bikes. It can vary from bikes or brands.

But many guardians sell their kids’ bikes as the children grow up after some years. So, in these cases, the warranty plays a vital role depending on how many children use the bike.


The price of a kids bicycle generally depends on:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Type 

But, while purchasing a baby bike you should consider some other things on a budget.

As we expressed above, baby bikes are used for a short period, so it’s worth thinking a step ahead. After the child’s brought up, parents sell it to another child. 

So, you can do these things:

  • Keep it in good condition
  • Don’t throw away training wheels
  • Don’t throw away spares
  • Don’t throw away reflectors
  • Don’t throw away instructions or other items
  • Choose neutral colors

How Are Kids’ Bikes Sized?

Sizes are the first thing to consider when purchasing  a baby bike. The right size can make your child’s riding-

  • Safer
  • Easier
  • More fun

Adult bikes are sized off the frame, but kids bicycles are sized differently. 

Kids bike sizes depend on the wheel size. 

Usually, the smallest baby bike starts with a 12 inch wheel size, whereas some balance bikes may provide a 10 inch wheel. 

And the largest kids bicycles may have 24 inch wheels. 

When your kids are grown up, you should serve them adult bikes.

Why Sizes Are Not The Only Thing That Matters

If you are up to buying a girls bike or boys bike, which means a baby bike, the first thing you have to know is the size. 

But, you have to be clear that kids bike sizes are not the only thing you should be thinking about. 

You should also think about:

  • Weight
  • Geometry
  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Training wheels etc.

When’s The Right Time For A Bike?

In experts’ opinion, the earlier a child starts biking the more experienced he/she will be. Besides, they will be more likely to continue riding later in life. 

You can offer your kids balance bikes after 2 years of age. It will help them to learn to ride with fun. 

As you know, the earlier, the better!

Types of Kids’ Bikes

If you have decided to buy a girls bike or boys bike for your lovely kid, first you have to learn how many types of it are available. 

Types of Kids Bike

There are many kinds of baby bikes. These are:

Trailer Cycle

Don’t be confused!

A trailer cycle is not the same thing as a bicycle trailer. 

It’s basically a joint of two cycles without front wheels in the second cycle.

Usually, parents or front riders balance and ride the cycle, and kids sit in the back part and are allowed to pedal. 

It helps the kids learn how to pedal and make an interest in riding on their own.  

Balance Bike

Balance bike helps the kids in self-cycling. It can be three-wheelers or tricycles. 

When your kids start riding very early, like two to three years old, you can provide them with a 

balance bike.

It will help them to gain experience and confidence. Moreover, it is safe for that age.


When the kids get confident enough, they are provided with small wheelers.

Small wheels usually start from kids bike 12 inches or kids bike 14 inches.

After the practice session with a trailer or a balance bike, kids need to be able to stop with their feet if necessary.

Therefore, make sure that your child must sit comfortably and after sitting whether his or her feet are fully touching the ground. 

Cruiser Bikes

A cruiser bike is a bike that you can buy for your child just in his/ her pre-adult stage. 

The main characteristic of this bike is simplicity. Generally, it features single gear with wider tires and increase stability. 

It allows your child to ride near the neighborhood. It provides the child:

  • Fun
  • Comfy
  • Flashy

Road Bikes

After getting an adult, your child will be in need of a road bike. 

A road bike can offer:

  • Flat handlebars for upright riding positions
  • Drop-bar handlebars for a forward-leaning
  • Aerodynamic posture suited for faster riding

Adults can get experience on roads, rocks, and neighborhoods by road bike.

Moreover, it will introduce them with:

  • Drivetrains
  • Multiple bicycle gears

Mountain Bikes

With versatility, kid mountain bikes have become a hit. 

Kid mountain bike offers:

  • Durably-constructed
  • Featuring wider
  • Knobby-tread tires
  • Rough trail riding
  • Multiple gears
  • Suspension systems
  • Grip shifts
  • Bar ends

These features will open a new world in front of your rider child. He/ she can experience all trails riding with a mountain bike. 

But, keep in mind that without testing your child’s ability, type, do not gift a mountain bike. 

Try with a beginner mountain bike before choosing full suspension or hardtail.

BMX Bikes

BMX Kids Bike

BMX bikes are getting so popular among riders in the last few generations. 

These bikes allow the rider to:

  • Jumps
  • Tricks
  • Banked turns

These bikes are used in sports.

There are two kinds of BMX bikes. These are:

  • BMX racing
  • BMX freestyle

One important thing that you should know about BMX bikes is in the case of BMX freestyle, wheel size is one size smaller than traditional kids’ bikes. That means, if your child requires a kids bike 16 inch, you should provide him /her a 14 inch BMX bike.

Kids Bike Size Chart

Here, you will find the kids bike size chart that will help you to choose the perfect kids bike sizes according to the ages. So that you can find the best kids bikes for your child.

Wheel SizesAgesHeight (cm)
Balance bikes2 to 585-110
Kids bike 12 inchUnder 4 (2 to 4)85-100
Kids bike 14 inch3+ (3 to 5)95-110
Kids bike 16 inch4+ (4 to 6)100-120
Kids bike 18 inch5+ (4 to 6)100-120
Kids bike 20 inch7+ (7 to 9)115-135
Kids bike 24 inch8+ (9 to 11)130-145
Kids bike 26 inch10+ (11+)145+

Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

(Kids Bike 12 Inch: Best Balance Bikes)

Strider 12 Sports Balance Kids Bike


  • Balance Bike
  • One size
  • For kids 2 – 3 years
  • Colors available


  • +Adjustable seat height
  • +Adjustable handle height
  • +Easy to control
  • +Neutral for boys and girls kids


  • -Training wheels are not available

One minute review:

Strider 12 sport balance bike is for kids starting their first ride at a very early stage. As mentioned above that there are three types of beginner kids’ bikes:

  • Tricycle
  • Training wheels
  • Balance bike

If you want to teach your kids balance and confidence in riding from an early age, you can choose this balance bike. 

This balance bike helps the kids experience the thrill of riding from 18 months of age.

Moreover, the seat and handlebar height are adjustable for kids 18 months to five years. That means this balance bike covers kids bike 12 inch to kids bike 20 inch. 

In addition, you can consider this sport push bike for both boys and girls kids’ bikes, which allow them easy riding and striding. 

The bike also introduces kids to:

  • Freedom
  • Power
  • Responsibility for riding

So, you can go for this cost-effective balance bike as its weight is 6.7 pounds which is light enough for toddlers.

Schwinn Koen Boy’s Bike

(Kids Bike 14 Inch: Best for Boys)

Schwinn Koen Boys Kids Bike


  • Single speed
  • 14 inch
  • BMX style
  • Boys bike


  • +Rear coaster brake
  • +Training wheels
  • +Lightweight
  • +Fashionable
  • Size available


  • -Front caliper brake

One minute review:

If you are up to buying a good look and quality baby bicycle for your child, you should purchase this children bike.

The Schwinn Koen kids bike is basically designed for boys. This kids bike 14 inch is suitable for 3 – 4 years old or 95 – 110 cm tall. To be confirmed, please see the kids bike size chart.

The Schwinn Koen boy’s bike is the best for:

  • Riding to the park
  • Riding on the sidewalk around the neighborhood.

With a SmartStart Technology this boys bike includes:

  • A lighter frame
  • Cranks
  • Forward positioned pedals
  • Easier starting gear
  • Narrower pedal position
  • Smaller grips and seat

Moreover, this bike offers a rear coaster brake so that the kids can reverse the pedals to stop.

Though it also includes a front caliper brake that means a hand-brake like adult bikes for easing the transition to an only hand-brake bike when they will be ready. But it can confuse the children.

It also offers:

  • Adjustable saddle
  • Seat post
  • Slack seat-tube angle
  • Tool-free adjustments
  • To grow with your child
  • Training wheels
  • Chainguard
  • Number plate

Co-op Cycles REV 16 Kids’ Bike

(Kids Bike 16 Inch: Best Training Wheels)

Co-op Cycles REV 16 Kids Bike


  • Coaster Brake
  • 16 inch
  • BMX style
  • Colors available


  • +Aluminum frame
  • +Training wheels
  • +Lightweight
  • +Neutral for boys and girls kids


  • -Low stand-over height
  • -Weight limit

One minute review:

Co-op Cycles REV 16 Kids’ Bike is a great opportunity for the kids who will start their first ride with training wheels, but it is removable if they do not want it.

With an aluminum frame, this baby bicycle is very light in weight and cheap in price. 

In addition, this 16 inch kids bike provides you with a classic back-pedal coaster brake.

Though this great kids bike has an 80-pound weight limit, you can customize this bike with your own choice by the Sticker pack includes tons of letters and fun designs.

Huffy So Sweet 18’’

(Kids Bike 18 Inch: Best for Girls)

Huffy So Sweet 18 Inch Girls Kids Bike


  • Rigid suspension
  • Single speed
  • 18 inch
  • Girls bike


  • +Removable training wheels
  • +Fashionable
  • +Chainguard
  • +Pedal backward
  • +Lightweight
  • +Specific for girls


  • -The colors and design may specify the gender

One-minute review:

Do you want to purchase a sweet, beautiful, quality baby bicycle for your baby girl?

If your baby girl is 4 to 6 years old, you should buy this fashionable Huffy So Sweet 18″ Girls Bike for Kids.

This girls bike features single-speed and removable training wheels, so you can remove them when she has already learned to balance.

It also features adjustable seat height for your baby girl.

Moreover, the steel frame is very strong and built to last. You will get a limited lifetime warranty on this girls bike.

It also provides a chainguard that will protect the riders’ legs and reduces chain maintenance. It has a pedal backward to activate the rear coaster brake, making this baby bike easy to control.

Redline MX Junior

(Kids Bike 20 Inch: Best Starter BMX Bike)

Redline MX Junior Kids Bike


  • Rigid suspension
  • 20 inch
  • BMX style
  • Adult bike


  • +Aluminum frame
  • +Lightweight
  • +Seat post combo
  • +Affordable
  • +Long-lasting


  • -Not ideal for street use
  • -Won’t work on a mountain bike trail

One minute review:

Redline MX Junior is a BMX Bike for kids ready to race your child out of the box.

If your kid is 7 to 9 years old or 115-135 cm in height, you can purchase this kids bike 20 inch with 1.75-inch tires. 

With a race seat, this best kids bike provides a combo seat post and rigid suspension.

You do not have to make any changes to go to a race; you should add a number plate just. 

It also includes pedals. This best kids bike’s lightweight and affordable price is more than good for both your kid and you.

Trailcraft Maxwell 24

(kids Bike 24 Inch: Best Downhill/ Enduro Bike)

Trailcraft Maxwell 24 Kids Bike


  • Full suspension
  • 24 inch
  • Downhill/ enduro bike
  • Adult bike


  • +All terrain
  • +A wide variety of options and configurations
  • +Long-lasting
  • +Choice of tube or tubeless tires
  • +Aluminum Frame
  • +Lightweight


  • -Expensive

One-minute review:

If your child is between 9 to 11 and wants to have suspense riding, you can go for this kids bike 24 inch.

This Maxwell 24 came up with:

  • A dropper post
  • Fox Factory suspension
  • Carbon fiber wheels

It will offer your kids full suspension to ride all trails. Besides, they can use it as a hardtail, but the full suspension is much more fun.

390mm chainstay length keeps it:

  • Fun
  • Playful
  • Stable
  • Speedy
  • Super flickable bike

-for all types of mountain bike riding.

You can do whatever you want with it, like:

  • You can race it
  • Can take it to parks
  • Have an awesome bike-to-trail ride

The Maxwell 24 also features a Horst link suspension design. It will be active under braking. And very plush over both small bumps and bigger hits.


(Kids Bike 26 Inch: Best Hybrid Bike)

Woom 6 Kids Bike


  • Hybrid bike
  • 26 inch
  • Adult bike


  • +Wide range of gears (8-speed)
  • +Low center-of-gravity
  • +Minimum seat height
  • +Lightweight
  • +Aluminum frame


  • -Too upright for really aggressive riders

One-minute review:

If your child is a recreational tween rider, who looks for a high-performing bike that will effortlessly take them on a wide variety of rides, including rolling hills and paved trails, woom 6 kids bike 26 inch will be the best option for him/ her.

The woom 6 is a best hybrid kids bike 26 inch for the everyday rider who needs:

  • A high-performing
  • Versatile bike

This hybrid kids bike 26 inch is exceptional as it is a blend of road and mountain bikes. It is best for long-distance rides on paved trails to fun family rides on compact dirt trails

With smooth-rolling tires, this children bicycle offers your kids to easily roll over various terrains and also features:

  • A lightweight 22 lb. build
  • A wide gearing range to tackle
  • A wide variety of riding conditions

In addition, the low center-of-gravity geometry helps to better balance and maneuverability.

Moreover, this super gorgeous baby bike has several colors and is cheaper than the other 26 inch baby bikes in price.

Which Store Should You Buy from?

There are two kinds of bike stores. They are:

  • Specialty bike store
  • Department store

The specialty bike stores have expected knowledge. Therefore, they can assemble the bike safely. Moreover, you can contact them if anything is found wrong. 

But, the department stores do not have the specific knowledge of bikes. So, they cannot assemble, and you will be responsible for any wrong. 

In experts’ opinion, bike stores provide higher quality standards than department stores.

Kids Bike FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Kids Bike. We noticed that most of our readers looking for answers have the same question. Therefore, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions answered by our most experienced specialists to answer their questions. We hope this helps you get an immediate answer.

What’s After A Balance Bike?

If your kids pass the balance bike level, it’s time to upgrade to a pedal bike. Depending on your child’s height, you should choose the next bike. Picking a not too large or not too small bike from the size of your kids will be the safest option, and for the exact kids bike sizes, you should go through the kids bike size chart attached in the article.

How Do I Know If My Child’s Bike Fits?

To know whether your child fits the bike or not, you should consider three things:  when they come to a stop, they can have complete control over the bike, they can easily reach the handlebars and the standover height.

How Do I Know If My Child Is Too Big For Their Bike?

The bike’s sizes should be increased according to the sizes of the children. With the growth of the children, you have to raise the bicycle seat. If you paid attention to the seat post, you will find a minimum insertion line. This line indicates how far up the seat can be raised. You should never be sticking up past that minimum insertion line because it can be dangerous and result in a malfunction of the bike frame.

My Child Is Growing Fast! Can I Buy A Bike They Will Grow Into?

Yes, of course, you can buy a bike that will grow with your kids. But remember that you cannot do this when your child is a beginner. After completing the balance bike or training wheel, you can do it with their third bike. But at a beginner level, a bike size that does not match your child’s height will be risky.

When Should My Child Start Riding Geared Bikes?

After growing enough for a kids bike 20 inch or kids bike 24 inch, you can choose the option between geared bikes with hand brakes or sticking with a single-speed and coaster brakes. Based on a few simple things you can make the decision: are they comfortable enough? How to use gears and a handbrake? What type of riding they’ll be doing.

What To Do When Your Child Is In Between Sizes?

Before buying a children bike, you should have a look at the kids bike size chart. But when you find your kids’ size is in between two sizes, you must try for the next size bike. It will be more comfortable for your child than the smaller one.



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