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Lawn Aerating: Why, When, and How?

All of us need to take a breather now and then, as does our lawn grass. Lawn aerating gives the lawn grass a fresh boost of oxygen and nutrients. As a result, your lawn will grow better and remain fresh for longer. 

Wondering what is lawn aerating and how to do it? Don’t worry. Keep reading to learn all the ins and outs of lawn aerating to grow and maintain a healthier lawn.  

What Is Lawn Aerating?

Lawn aerating is a method where you create holes in your lawn. These holes increase oxygen, water, and nutrient flow into the soil. Core aeration is the most popular method of lawn aerating. 

Frequent lawn aerating allows grass roots to dig deeper into the soil, making them stronger. You can keep your lawn healthy and greener with lawn aeration. 

Lawn Aerating Benefits

  • Improved grass health
  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Increased heat & drought tolerance
  • Improved grass root growth 
  • Easier thatch breakdown
  • Increased oxygen, water, and fertilizer absorbency

Lawn Aerating Tools

  • Spike Lawn Aerators
  • Plug or Core Aerators
  • Aerator Shoes
  • Slicing Aerators
  • Garden Forks


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