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Lawn Rolling: Why and How?

Are you dealing with a bumpy lawn? If yes, then you should definitely look into lawn rolling. 

Bumpy lawns not only ruin the beauty of your lawn but also reduce plant growth. Lawn rolling is an easy and efficient way to even out uneven grounds. 

Here’s an in-depth guide to lawn roller pros, cons, types, and usage.

What Is Lawn Rolling?

Lawn rolling is the process of using lawn rollers to flatten the bumpy lawn surface. Lawn rollers are heavy cylinder-like tools that can be pushed or pulled across the lawn using an axle. The lawn rolling process levels the soil and improves the appearance of your lawn.

Benefits of Lawn Rolling

  • Prevents accidental lawn scalping
  • Smooths animal tunnels and warrens
  • Removes air pockets and enhances growth
  • Post-seeding lawn rolling improves germination 
  • Levels out bumpy soil caused by fluctuating temperature

Lawn Roller Types

  • Manual lawn roller
  • Mechanical lawn roller


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