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Unique Luggage – Best Unique Suitcase Design

Don’t you think that unique luggage is mandatory for a great tour?

Traveling can be tiring, but you can make it stylish with a set of unique suitcase designs.

And, nobody can deny that carrying unique travel luggage can increase your confidence twice while traveling.

So, if you are worried about how to carry your necessary items before going on a tour, you must buy a unique luggage in an appropriate size.

Here, we attached the most beautiful and useful unique luggage sets to remove extra pressure before your most expected or unexpected tour.

The price range is also at your hand. So, you do not need to be worried a bit.

Types of Unique Luggage

Types of Unique Luggage

Sometimes you might get confused about choosing a unique carry on luggage.

Before buying or adding your cart to the best unique luggage bags, know the different types of unique suitcases.

There are two basic types of unique trolley bags.

These are:

Hard side Unique Luggage

  • Hard side unique luggage
  • Soft side unique luggage

There are two parts in a hard shell unique trolley bag. The upper and lower parts are divided into the middle and zip like a clamshell.

The hard side unique trolley bags take up more space to open, but they stack better after closing.

Soft side Unique Luggage

A soft side suitcase is naturally constructed to offer more give than a unique hard shell luggage. You can also call it expandable luggage as the interior packing capacity can expand. There is no hard shell; the outer and inner parts are soft.

But the hard side vs. the soft side argument has brought the idea of producing hybrid luggage.

Hybrid Suitcase

The most common question about unique luggage bags is whether the hard side or soft side is the best. The hybrid unique suitcases offer a hard case on one side and a soft one on the other.

There are three different types of unique suitcase designs according to the travelers.

They are:

  • Shelving unique luggage
  • Smart unique luggage
  • Exterior unique design

Shelving Unique Luggage

Shelving unique suitcase design basically features a shelving system. The shelving system allows you to hang your bag inside a closet. That helps show all your items neatly on display.

Smart Unique Luggage

Several innovative features like power banks, digital locks, smart unique suitcases are getting more popular among the young generation.

The people who manage everything with their phones can easily go for this kind of unique luggage bags.

Exterior Unique Design

The other kind of unique luggage bags is exterior unique luggage design.

This kind is totally based on its design. Usually, these designs are very colorful; you should choose them according to your tour type. Suppose you are going on a sea tour, then you can choose a white and blue mixed color unique luggage sets.

Comparison Table of Unique Luggage

Here, you will find the best unique luggage in several categories according to the types and customers’ choices. Each of these unique suitcases is the best one in that category and is the most attractive. So, read carefully and find the best suitable one for you.

Benefits of Soft side Unique Luggage

Benefits of Unique Softside Luggage

You might know that soft shell suitcases are traditional, but you cannot call them old school.

There are a lot of soft side unique suitcase design with modern styles and durable fabrics.

The core benefits of a soft side unique luggage bags are:

  • Easy and Quick to open in tight spaces
  • Deep space
  • The fabric has a bit more give
  • Easier to squeeze into overhead bins
  • Easy to handle
  • Lightweight
  • Packable

Benefits of Hard Side Unique Luggage

Benefits of Unique Hardside Luggage

Unique hard shell luggage are more popular because of their chic look.

They are also reliable for their hard shell and defined spaces.

The core benefits of a hard shell unique carry on luggage are:

  • Modern design
  • Won’t get damaged during air travel, if not used as a carry-on
  • Easier to pack and organize
  • Won’t budge under pressure
  • Able to keep safe fragile items or electronics

Benefits of Hybrid Unique Luggage

Benefits of Unique Hybrid Luggage

As mentioned above, the hybrid unique luggage bags was invented to exclude the argument whether unique hard shell luggage or soft side unique trolley bags are better.

People recommended the hybrid unique luggage sets because of its benefits.

The benefits of a hybrid unique suitcase are:

  • Hard case on one side and a soft case on the other
  • Protection and durability of a unique hard shell luggage
  • Wiggle room and single opening of a soft side
  • The soft part can be compact or expanded
  • The hard part keeps your belongings protected from being crushed
  • Flexibility of a soft side suitcase
  • Able to be maneuvered into tight spaces
  • Stuffed into small overhead bins

What to Consider Before Buying Unique Luggage

What to Consider Before Buying Unique Luggage

What do you think?

Is buying a unique suitcase simply choosing the design, matching the budget and ordering it?

No, it’s not that simple.

A unique suitcase must keep your valuable things safe during the trip.

So, it’s more than that.

Here we have added some considerations that you must contemplate before buying it.

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Wheels
  • Handles
  • Materials
  • Dimensions


Size is the most important consideration for a unique suitcase. You can choose the big size for a long tour, but for a short or single trip, you do not need that size. Sometimes the price range also varies depending on the size.


Simply, unique hard shell luggage sets are heavier than soft side unique luggage sets. Whereas, hard side unique suitcase designs are made of hard shell, which is a bit heavy.

But the soft side unique suitcase is not made of the same material. The soft materials of this kind of trolley bag make them lightweight.


Carrying your luggage by hand is really painful, right?

Nowadays, maximum unique suitcases are made with four spinner wheels to remove this pain. It makes your case maneuver easily through packed airport terminals, as it can glide in all directions.


Without a handle, you cannot handle your unique luggage, right?

So, handles are very important to consider.

In most of the unique trolley bags, there is a button. By pressing it, you can do it up and down.


Another important thing to consider is material. Material can differ a unique suitcase from hard side to soft side unique luggage.

Usually, unique hard shell luggage is made of plastic composites. Polycarbonate is the most durable and flexible.

Choosing a unique hard shell luggage or soft side unique suitcase design depends on your tour type and the vehicle you use for going there.


Your trip dimension can also decide the type of unique luggage sets you need.

The dimension will decide whether you need a heavy or lightweight unique suitcase.

How to Choose Best Unique Luggage for You?

It is really very confusing to choose the best unique luggage sets for anybody.

Sometimes you might want a vintage trunk with a shelving system and a power bank that really doesn’t exist.

You should first decide what you are looking for when choosing the best unique luggage bags for you.

Shelving for tidy-up 

If you are a tidy-up person and want to be well organized during the trip, I suggest finding an internal shelving system. So, you can go with a convertible design with two separate compartments. These unique luggage sets allow you to use it as a regular suitcase, with the wheels and the telescopic pull handle. 

You can also unzip the Weekender bag and use it as a duffle bag when you do not need the bottom compartment.

Smart for smarter

But, if you are a modern traveler looking for a smart suitcase, you should go for beautiful, smart luggage with a strong power bank, integrated SIM card and Bluetooth. 

These kinds of unique luggage bags are really able to bring a new aspect of your life with dashing technology.

Unique Design for unique lovers

Did you ever face something like I have a good one, but I want something that looks different?

If yes, then this category is for you.

If you already have a luggage but want something unique and gorgeous looking, check this out.

It is very difficult to recommend one favorite from these three categories.

So, please read the whole content. Find your category and the best-suited unique luggage for you.

Why Unique Luggage Bags Necessary?

Why Unique Luggage Bags Necessary

If you already have old or traditional luggage, then the term unique luggage might surprise you.

But I have some important points that will make you feel why unique trolley bags are really important. These are:

  • Representative
  • Stands out
  • Conversation starter
  • Increase happiness


A piece of unique travel luggage can play the role of a very good representative of its carrier.

When you choose something, it represents your choice and personality. So, whenever you choose a unique suitcase, it shows your personality. And works as your representative to others.

Stands out

A unique trolley bag stands out. On the airport carousel, you might lose your bag among the blacks.

So, if you have very different and unique luggage sets, you never lose them. Moreover, everyone on the airport carousel will notice it from a distance.

Conversation starter

Different-looking unique luggage sets can catch the attention of your surroundings. So, it can be a conversation starter.

It can be started with the location you find it or its quality and price. You can gather a very good compliment through it.

Increase happiness

Whether you feel it or not, I don’t know. But whenever I get something new, I feel so happy. Or in some crowds, when you carry something unique, it increases happiness, right?

Not only for self-use, but you can also make anyone feel happy by gifting unique luggage sets.

Which can be your partner, your kids or your parents!

So, spread happiness.

Best Unique Luggage

Luggage is not an everyday shopping list item. So, it must be unique, fashionable and your representative. Unique suitcases are available in various colors, styles, designs and sizes.

Here, we are presenting various kinds of the best unique luggage sets that are most demanding and unique in some categories.

So, go through them all and find your best unique luggage.

Smart Luggage

Hanke Upgrade Carry On Luggage

Rolling Luggage for Business Travel and Short Trip

Hanke Upgrade Carry on Unique Luggage


  • Sturdy Polycarbonate


  • Wheels: 4 Silent Double Spinner Wheels
  • Lock: TSA Combination Lock
  • Zipper: YKK 


  •  Innovative design
  •  High-quality accessories
  •  Lightweight


  •  No separate compartment for dry and wet 

One Minute Review

The Hanke Upgrade Carry On Luggage is designed in two pockets. The front one offers you the space for keeping your electronics accessories. You can easily deal with the office and security checks. It provides storage for a 15.6″ laptop, 9.7″iPad, documents, batteries and more.

The other space is for clothes and belongings to be organized. 

The good news is the airline approved these carry on luggage. So you can go on business travel or a short trip since it easily fits overhead bins.

Besides, its YKK zipper is very smooth and durable, and the TSA locks are more convenient and safer for use. 

The scratch-resistant surface will keep your cases beautiful trip after trip.

Smart Luggage

Rydebot Puledro Carry-on Suitcase

Smart Motorized Rideable for Adults/Kids

Rydebot Puledro Smart Rideable Unique Luggage


  • Double Widened Aluminum Alloy Frame


  • USB Charging Ports: 2
  • Motor: 100-Watt Electric Motor
  • Battery: Lithium Ion
  • Lock: TSA Combination 


  • Unique Electric Brake System
  • Dual USB charging ports
  • Removable and rechargeable battery
  • Motorized speed up to 5 miles/hour


  • Expensive

One Minute Review

With a unique electric brake system, the smart motorized rideable carry on luggage helps you for safe riding with just one push of a button.

The double widened aluminum alloy frame reinforces the suitcase from all sides and makes it strong enough to hold external weight.

A 100-Watt electric motor with a super easy removable lithium battery meets Airplane Security Standard and Regulations.

If you are a teenager or a businessman, you must check out this smart unique luggage. Since it has dual USB charging ports that allows you to charge electronic devices very fast while traveling.

It is also very fashionable for women and children.

You can ride with this carry on luggage at a maximum speed of 5 Miles per hour, depending on your weight and the charge of the battery.

The eye-catching illuminated LED lights make you more attractive at the airport or your travel area than the others.

Hybrid Luggage

VERAGE Expandable Foldable Luggage

Rolling Travel Duffel Bag

Verage Expandable Foldable Unique Luggage


  • Wheels: Removable 8 spinner wheels
  • Spinner wheels
  • Dimension: 17″x 13″x 5″
  • Bottom: Sturdy hard shell
  • Top: Soft side 


  • Well balanced
  • Sturdy hard shell bottom
  • Detachable wheels
  • Easy to fold down
  • 360-degree upright rolling


  • Not look like the traditional suitcases.

One Minute Review

With a sturdy hard shell at the bottom and soft side at the top, this unique hybrid luggage is the best choice for an outing of 7 days or more.

The improved design with detachable double spinner wheels made it more stable. 

Moreover, this rolling duffel bag can easily fold and unfold. It is also expandable and helps you to use it 2 in 1 use for your travel needs.

When you open the expansion layer, 21 inches is equivalent to a 25 inch suitcase, and 24 inches is equivalent to a 28 inch suitcase.

Besides, you will get 2 easy-access front zippered pockets for small items.

The heavy-duty fabric provides water resistance, and you can adjust the height with adjustable straps.

Hybrid Luggage

Rockland Rome Hybrid Luggage

Spinner Wheel Luggage

Rockland Rome Hybrid Spinner Wheel Unique Luggage


  • EVA polyester/ABS
  • Fabric: 100% plastic


  • Dimension: 22″x 13. 5″x 9″
  • Wheels: Multi-directional spinner wheels


  • Lightweight
  • 3-Piece Set
  • Telescoping Handles
  • Durable


  • Zipper construction can be weak

One Minute Review

If you are planning for a family tour with your inflatable tent house, these Rockland Rome hybrid luggage sets will be the best choice.

The sets carry different sizes with 8 multi-directional spinner wheels.

The hybrid luggage set is made of EVA/ABS, which is extremely lightweight and durable.

The spinner wheels rotate 360 degrees for easy maneuverability, so you need not push it with extra pressure.

Besides, the interior mesh zip pocket, elasticated pocket, and a modern internal aluminum telescoping handle with a push button handle.

This carry on luggage also allows you to pack more while avoiding the excess weight surcharges imposed by most airlines.

Must check the warranty before buying.

Soft Side Luggage

Rockland Jungle Soft Side Luggage Set

Upright Luggage Set

Rockland Jungle Softside Upright Unique Luggage Set


  • EVA-molded hi-count fabric


  • Wheels: Skate wheels
  • Dimension: 14 x 18 x 28 inches
  • Type: Soft side


  • Expandable
  • Telescoping aluminum handle
  • Design available


  • It may not be appropriate for Hard shell lovers

One-minute Review:

Are you a serious traveler?

Want a full set of luggage with soft side?

This owl paint beautiful deluxe 4-piece can be exactly what you want. The expandable luggage set with a patented heavy-duty EVA-molded hi-count fabric is able to solve all of your carrying problems.

The upright set offers you three expandable uprights and a flight tote bag. It also provides an inside retractable handle with back zippered secured pockets, EZ-Roll inline skate wheels, top and side comfort grip handle, locks with keys and stability bars at the bottom, which help avoid tilting.

The heavy-duty polyester and PVC backing can save your necessary things from getting wet.

The clear inline skate wheels offer a smooth ride.

With these attractive features, this upright carry-on luggage set can be your best friend during traveling.

Soft Side Luggage

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside Luggage

Expandable Upright Luggage

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside Unique Luggage


  • High-density ballistic nylon fabric with DuraGuard coating


  • Wheels: Ball-bearing wheels
  • Dimension: 23×14.5×9 inches
  • Handle: PowerScope aluminum extension handle


  • Meets carry on size restrictions
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Expandable
  • Fashionable
  • Accommodate overhead bin space


  • Narrow end lifting point

One-minute Review:

If you are conscious of fashion and want an all-in-one unique suitcase, you can choose the Travelpro Maxlite 5 softside luggage.

This unique luggage offers you a very lightweight and more than 2 inches expandable.

You can use it in 2 positions with a PowerScope lite handle with high-performance ball bearing wheels that ensures a turbulent-free glide.

This unique soft side also offers two quick-access pockets, exterior front pockets, a full-length interior lid pocket and a side accessory pocket that makes your packing easy and organized.

The high-tensile-strength expandable zipper can increase your packing power.

Hard Side Luggage

Samsonite Omni PC Hard Side Luggage

Expandable, Spinner Wheel Luggage

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Unique Luggage


  • Injection molded polycarbonate
  • Impact-resistant plastic


  • Wheels: Multi-directional double spinner wheels
  • Dimension: 28″x17″x12″
  • Handle: PUSH-BUTTON locking handle
  • Locks: TSA locks


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Expandable
  • Durable
  • 360 degree maneuverability
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty


  • 20 carry on case is too big for some airlines

One-minute Review:

Are you confused about a wedding gift for one of your closest ones? This outstanding and most durable, unique suitcase can reduce your pressure.

Not only a wedding gift but this unique carry on luggage is also made for unisex and kids.

This unique hard shell travel luggage is made of Omni PC and 100% polycarbonate, offering scratch-proof and ultra-lightweight.

Moreover, You can show it as your newest one even after the 100th trip with this unique carry-on luggage.

It also offers the TSA locks that keep all of your necessary things safe during the trip. The lock instructions will be found inside the luggage, so do not miss them.

The multi-directional double wheels help with 360-degree maneuverability and save your energy. 

Hard Side Luggage

American Tourister Star Wars Hardside Luggage

Star Wars Hard Side

American Tourister Star Wars Hardside Unique Luggage


  • Durable ABS material


  • Wheels: Side-mounted skate wheels
  • Dimension: 9 x 15 x 21.5 inches
  • Handle: DUAL tube pull handle


  • Durable
  • Sleek design
  • 10-year warranty
  • Separate packing compartments


  • No TSA locks

One-minute Review:

Are you a fan of Star Wars?

The American Tourister Star Wars Hard side unique travel luggage can be the first option for a Star Wars fan. The unique travel luggage carries a very unique design with the characters of Star Wars movies.

There are two compartments with a mesh divider by which you can separate them, and a cross strap secures your things and helps prevent their movability and keep them organized.

The dual pull handle helps you carry the unique trolley bag very easily.

The side-mounted skate wheels have made this hard side easy to move. And for easy lifting, you will get a top grab handle.

The trolley can be the best choice for any age, any gender.

So do not be late. Just pack now and hit the road with your favorite characters.

How we test Unique Luggage

You might doubt how we tested and selected the unique luggage sets for you. But we can assure you that you do not need to worry.

Here are the standards we consider that will help you to find out your best unique travel luggage.

Size and weight:

A unique luggage’s size should match its weight. Sometimes the claimed weight online does not really match. But here, we selected the best unique travel luggage that does not make you feel a problem and meets measurement restrictions for common airlines.

Ease of packing:

Next, we consider whether it is easy to open or close the zippers. We also rate the accessibility and its convenience of the packing compartments. One of our most priority concerns is how easily you can pack all of your necessary things.

Extra features:

As we are talking about unique luggage here, we usually inspect for any extra feature that makes the luggage unique from the others. It can be anything like handles that make it easy to lift or built-in locks.

Consumer tastes:

Customer tastes are the main fuel of this content. Basically, we selected the unique luggage for the unique consumers. We also added the pros and cons of these selected items. So that you will be able to find out the preferred one.

Unique Luggage FAQs:

Frequently Asked Questions about unique luggage. We noticed that most of our readers looking for answers have the same questions. Therefore, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions answered by our most experienced specialists to answer their questions. We hope this helps you get an immediate answer.

Which is better soft or hard side luggage?

The most common question about unique luggage is whether the hard side or soft side is the best. To remove these kinds of arguments, hybrid luggage is also manufactured. But, we do not suggest that hard shell or soft side is better than the other. It totally depends on your comfort and its quality.

Which suitcase brand is best?

There are a lot of renowned brands of unique suitcases. But on the internet, you might have also seen some bad reviews of renowned brands. You can check out the unique suitcases we added in the article because we selected the most long-lasting and easy-to-use suitcases with unique designs.

Is a hard shell suitcase better?

Not only a hard shell but also soft side and unique hybrid suitcases are better if you can find the best one for you. At first, you should select what you want. Then, go for the quality and find the best one.

What is the most durable hard side luggage?

The Samsonite Omni PC Hard side Luggage is one of the most durable hard shell luggage you can choose for business or personal trips. The luggage is also very outstanding to look at.

Where should I attach a luggage tag?

It is best to attach your luggage tag to the exterior of your unique suitcase. If it has a security lock, you can attach the tag with it. Or you can attach it to the handle of the unique suitcase.

What is the easiest way to identify your luggage?

If you are facing a problem to identify your luggage at the airport, the best solution is to buy a unique suitcase. You can also use unique luggage tags to easily identify them. Or if you are a painter, you can paint it. In these ways, you can easily find your trolley bag.



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