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Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Home

From contemporary wall art to accent walls, we’ve discussed all of the popular wall decor ideas. Change the look of your home with these wall décor ideas.

What Is Wall Decor?

Wall art or wall decor is one type of decoration used to adorn walls. Wall decor can be anything from canvases to framed photos to hanging shelves or other decorative wall hanging ornaments.

Which wall art will suit your home entirely depends on the theme and color scheme of your house. 

Wall Decor Ideas

Let’s look at some fresh wall decor ideas you can use to decorate your home this summer. 

Accent Wall

Pick a wall and repaint it in a statement color. Your entire room can brighten up just by doing an accent wall. Paint the wall or put up beautiful wallpaper. 

You can use patterns or paint whatever designs you like. Your wall is your canvas, and your imagination is the guide.

Wall Decals 

Wall decals or wall stickers are a quick way to change up the walls. They are more affordable than wallpapers and can be put up by anyone. 

Various types of wall stickers can be found online. The best thing is you can use them without damaging the walls.

Wall Art

Who doesn’t love art? Be it the scenery of the mountains or abstract paintings, wall art can bring life to any room. You can paint the canvases yourself or buy them from artists in quite an affordable price range nowadays. 

Photo Gallery

One of the easiest yet most beautiful ways to add character to a wall is by creating a photo gallery. Take photos of your loved ones or photos you’ve taken and make a collage on the wall. It’ll transform the look of your room and make you happier each time you pass by the wall.

Wall Lights

Wall lights have become quite popular these days. You’ll find tons of unique lights for decorating the walls both online and in shops. Wall lights can create a lovely ambiance along with decorating your walls.


Surely, you’ve got a few inspirations for decorating your walls by now. Browse through these fresh wall decor ideas to transform your home from plain to beautiful.



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