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Best Software Companies in Bangladesh

To answer the question about the best software company in Bangladesh, first, I have to tell you how Bangladeshi software companies are emerging and working worldwide with dedication and commitment.

Besides, Bangladesh has significantly progressed in the technology sector in the last two decades. The exponential expansion of its software businesses and IT (Information Technology) Companies’ growth made this progress possible. 

Many software firms are always coming up with new concepts, being creative, and doing their very best to serve both domestic and foreign software markets.

Suppose you are looking to outsource software services from Bangladesh. In that case, you must know real information about the best software companies in the country. You could consider the top and the best software companies in Bangladesh that has a good track record and are capable of fulfilling your needs.

List of the Top Software Companies in Bangladesh

In this article, I will introduce you to the top software companies in Bangladesh according to the client’s recommendations and reviews on trusted platforms.

I have analyzed the best software companies so that you can easily have a clean image of the top-qualified software companies in Bangladesh.

First, have a look at the list of the best software companies in Bangladesh:

  • Riseup Labs
  • Brain Station 23
  • Cefalo
  • KAZ Ssoftware
  • BD Task
  • Dream71
  • Enosis Solutions

Riseup Labs: IT Services, Technology Solutions &
Digital Transformation

Riseup Labs, one of the best software companies in Bangladesh

Riseup Labs is an ISO 9001 & 27001 certified next-generation global IT service and technology solution provider. It is one of the best software companies in Bangladesh that helps enterprises reimagine their business and navigate their digital transformation. Tech Enthusiast Mr. Ershadul Hoque founded Riseup Labs in 2009.

Riseup Labs is working with next-generation technologies like web 3.0, automation, analytics, IoT, cloud, and more to design & develop innovative, intelligent, sustainable solutions and services.

Many big enterprises, and national and international NGOs such as UNICEF, UNDP, USAID, FAO, WHO, ATEC, BBC, Fhi360, Axiata, and Murka Games Limited are working with Riseup Labs for technology solutions.

Brain Station 23 Limited

Brain Station 23, one of the best software companies in BD

Brain Station 23 Limited is one of the best software companies in Bangladesh, founded in 2006. They provide software services like e-commerce solutions, mobile app development, digital marketing, and custom software development.

Brain Station 23 is also dedicated to supporting enterprises in reaching their objectives by applying new software solutions.


Cefalo, one of the best software companies in BD

Cefalo, a Norwegian software company, is regarded as one of the top software companies in Bangladesh, operating from Dhaka. They specialize in providing IT consultation and offer services in software development, web development, integration, and maintenance teams.
Aside from these, Cefalo also provides technical advice and project management assistance to their clients. Their services include project management, scrum masters, software architects, programmers, testers, and QA engineers.

Kaz Software

Kaz, one of the best software companies in Bangladesh

Kaz Software is one of the best software companies in Bangladesh founded in 2004 and became a Bangladesh limited company in 2005.

They specialize in developing custom software solutions. While Kaz primarily develops software products for its customers, they also offer other services such as corporate data research and setting up firewalls, depending on the specific needs of businesses.

Kaz Software mostly provides software development, mobile application development, and eCommerce website development.


BDtask, one of the best software companies in BD

Bdtask is one of the top software companies in Bangladesh for custom mobile, web, and desktop software development.

As a well-known Bangladesh-based software company, Bdtask Ltd. started its journey in 2013 and swiftly established itself as a leading software development company.


Dream71, one of the best software companies in Bangladesh

Dream71 Bangladesh, a software company in Bangladesh is raising the benchmark for software technology. Also, they strive constantly to provide outstanding UX, design, agile engineering, and a mobile application innovation strategy. Their services include iOS app development, Android app development, software development, etc.

Enosis Solutions

Enosis, one of the best software companies in Bangladesh

Enosis is one of the best service providers in Bangladesh. They have skilled software engineers who specialize in creating stunning internet, desktop, and mobile apps.

Over the years, Enosis has established a track record for delivering excellent software solutions to enterprises of all sizes worldwide. In addition, they have a solid track record of achievement working with various companies.

Its services include custom software development, online application development, mobile application development, and quality assurance and testing.

So, if you’re looking for a top software company in Bangladesh that can help your business achieve excellence, you should know that finding the best ones is not a difficult task. The above-listed software companies in Bangladesh are among the top providers of software services that can meet your expectations.



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