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Domestic Tourism

Domestic tourism has grown in popularity as more and more people realize the incredible wonders within their own country. From stunning landscapes and historical sites to rich cultural experiences and culinary delights, the domestic trip offers an array of rich and memorable experiences. In a word, a domestic tour is a tour where residents of a country travel only within that country.

Domestic tourism is a BIG business in some countries. It brings in significant revenue for the local area’s economy and nationwide.

This article will discuss domestic tourism, which means traveling within your country for fun, leisure, or work. We will explore the different types of domestic tourism, their features, and why it’s essential for a country’s tourism and economy. 

We’ll also discuss domestic tours’ cultural, environmental, and social benefits and why it matters to travelers and local communities.

What is Domestic Tourism?

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Domestic tourism means traveling within your own country for fun, relaxation, or work. It includes visiting tourist spots, attending cultural events, and enjoying outdoor activities in different parts of your country. 

People go on domestic trips during holidays, long weekends, or special times of the year. Therefore, domestic tour is important for a country’s tourism industry and economy.

According to the UNWTO, a person needs to be away from their usual place of residence (at least in their home country) for at least one night to soothe as a domestic tourist.

Countries like the USA, India, and China are popular for domestic tours because they are large and offer many tourist attractions and experiences.

Types of Domestic Tourism

The domestic tour encompasses a wide range of travel experiences within one’s own country. These types of domestic tourism can often overlap, and individuals may combine different experiences to create a well-rounded and memorable travel itinerary within their own country.

Here are some common types of domestic tourism:

  • Nature Domestic Tourism
  • Cultural Domestic Tourism
  • Heritage Domestic Tourism
  • Adventure Domestic Tourism
  • Rural Domestic Tourism
  • Coastal and Beach Domestic Tourism
  • Wellness and Health Domestic Tourism
  • Culinary Domestic Tourism
  • Urban Domestic Tourism
  • Educational and Learning Domestic Tourism
Two people are enjoying a domestic trip on river

Nature Domestic Tourism

Nature domestic trip focuses on exploring a country’s natural beauty and biodiversity. It includes hiking, wildlife spotting, camping, birdwatching, visiting national parks, and enjoying outdoor recreational activities like fishing or kayaking.

Cultural Domestic Tourism

Cultural domestic tour revolves around immersing oneself in a region’s cultural heritage and traditions. It involves visiting historical sites, museums, art galleries, and cultural festivals, attending performances, exploring local markets, and engaging with local communities to learn about their customs, cuisine, and way of life.

Heritage Domestic Tourism

Heritage domestic tourism centers on discovering and preserving a country’s historical landmarks, architectural wonders, and archaeological sites. It includes visiting ancient ruins, castles, forts, and UNESCO World Heritage sites, and exploring heritage trails or walking tours.

Adventure Domestic Tourism

Adventure domestic tour appeals to thrill-seekers and adrenaline enthusiasts. It offers rock climbing, zip-lining, bungee jumping, white-water rafting, paragliding, and off-road cycling. Domestic adventure tourism allows individuals to experience exhilarating adventures within their own country.

Rural Domestic Tourism

Rural domestic tourism involves exploring rural areas, villages, and countryside regions. It offers opportunities to experience agricultural activities, farm stays, wine tasting, organic farming, local crafts, and cultural exchanges with rural communities.

Coastal and Beach Domestic Tourism

Coastal and beach domestic tours revolve around enjoying the sun, sand, and sea. It includes visiting coastal towns, and beach resorts, engaging in water sports like surfing, snorkeling, and diving, exploring marine life, and relaxing by the seaside.

Wellness and Health Domestic Tourism

Wellness domestic tour focuses on promoting relaxation, rejuvenation, and health. It involves visiting wellness retreats, spa resorts, hot springs, yoga and meditation centers, and engaging in activities like hiking, nature walks, and mindfulness practices.

Culinary Domestic Tourism

Culinary domestic tourism means centers around the experience of a country or region’s local cuisine and culinary traditions. It includes food tours, cooking classes, farm-to-table experiences, street food exploration, wine or beer tasting, and dining at renowned local restaurants.

Urban Domestic Tourism

Urban domestic tour revolves around exploring vibrant cities and metropolitan areas. It includes visiting landmarks, museums, art galleries, shopping districts, cultural events, dining at diverse restaurants, and experiencing the local nightlife.

Educational and Learning Domestic Tourism

Educational tourism involves learning and gaining knowledge about specific subjects or areas of interest. It includes visiting educational institutions, historical sites, and scientific research centers, attending workshops, participating in language courses, and engaging in educational tours.

Benefits of Domestic Tourism

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Traveling can sometimes mean moving to a faraway foreign place and experiencing a foreign culture. Sometimes the best spots are close to home and under the radar. It is precisely this feeling that gave birth to domestic tourism.

The domestic tour is by no means a new phenomenon. But when international travel stopped, domestic trips became the only respite for travelers. Where there is a surge of interest in indoor locations where one can relax and unwind.

Here are the benefits of a domestic trip:

Save your Pocket Money

Domestic travel can be more affordable than international travel due to lower transportation costs, visa requirements, and currency exchange. It allows individuals and families to enjoy vacations or leisure activities without breaking the bank. Moreover, domestic destinations are often more accessible, requiring less travel time and fewer logistical challenges.

Economic Boost

Domestic trip contributes significantly to the economy by generating revenue for local businesses, hotels, transportation services, restaurants, and other industries. In addition, it creates job opportunities and stimulates economic growth, especially in areas dependent on tourism.

Local Community Support

Domestic tourism promotes community development by encouraging travelers to explore lesser-known destinations and engage with local communities. In addition, it supports small businesses, artisans, and cultural initiatives, contributing to preserving local heritage and traditions.

Environmental Sustainability

Domestic tour reduces carbon footprints by minimizing long-distance travel and reliance on air transportation. In addition, it helps preserve natural resources and ecosystems by promoting sustainable practices and responsible tourism, such as conserving energy, reducing waste, and respecting wildlife habitats.

Cultural Exchange and Appreciation

Domestic tourism provides opportunities for cultural immersion and exchange. Travelers can learn about different cultures, traditions, and ways of life within their own country. It fosters mutual understanding, appreciation, and respect for diverse communities, contributing to social cohesion and national unity.

Flexibility and Convenience

The domestic tour offers greater flexibility in terms of planning and scheduling trips. Travelers can embark on weekend getaways or short breaks, making it easier to accommodate busy work or personal schedules. In addition, it allows for spontaneous trips and the ability to explore nearby destinations at a moment’s notice.

Personal Growth and Well-being

Engaging in domestic tourism can positively affect personal health, especially mental health.  It provides opportunities for relaxation, rejuvenation, and stress reduction. In addition, exploring new places, trying different activities, and connecting with nature can promote mental and physical health, creativity, and personal growth.

How is Domestic Tourism Important?

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Inland tourism is important for its economic, cultural, environmental, and social benefits, making it a valuable and meaningful activity for both the traveler and the local community. Domestic tourism is important for several reasons:

  • According to the WTTC report, domestic tourism accounted for 73% of total global Travel and Tourism spending in 2018.
  • The domestic trip is a significant driver of the tourism sector and plays a crucial role in a country’s economy.
  • Countries use domestic trips to reduce poverty, improve infrastructure, and create jobs.
  • Money spent on domestic tour stays within the country, leading to a stronger and more prosperous economy.
  • Increases awareness and appreciation of local culture and heritage.
  • It can help to support local conservation efforts.
  • Domestic trips can promote sustainable tourism practices.
  • In addition, it can also contribute to personal and social health.

Domestic Trip in the United States of America

According to US Travel, in 2018, domestic tourists spent $933 billion in the United States of America. It is representing 86% of total tourism expenditures. Additionally, in 2018, domestic tourism supported 7.7 million jobs.

It’s no surprise that the US domestic tour industry is so valuable. It’s not only a huge country but with an incredible range of diversity in tourist destinations, from the snow of Alaska to the heat of Miami.


Also, according to BBC, it is true that most Americans don’t need to carry a passport.

The table below shows you the percentage of domestic tourism in each of these locations in 2018:

Top US DestinationsPercentage of Domestic Bookings
Alaskan Cruise, Alaska47.9%
Orlando, Florida38.6%
Las Vegas, Nevada35.4%
Maui, Hawaii30.9%
New York City, New York27.7%
Honolulu, Hawaii25.7%
Hawaiian Cruise, Hawaii16.5%
Miami/Miami Beach, Florida15.5%
Washington, DC14.7%
Los Angeles, California12.9%

Tips for Domestic Tourism Experiences

Traveling can mean a lot of things to different people though it is a domestic tour. From meeting new people and trying traditional cuisine to celebrating a regional festival, experiencing like a local helps make the most of every trip.

If you want to enjoy the domestic trip, here are some tips for you:

Don’t Forget Domestic Tour Insurance

Many travelers purchase travel insurance for overseas trips. But don’t neglect to get it while traveling domestically thinking you don’t need it unless you leave the country. But being covered for domestic travel is just as important. 

Losing your luggage, flight cancellations, rental car damage, unexpected illness or theft can all happen when traveling domestically, so it’s always best to be covered for all eventualities.

Plan the Domestic Trip

Whenever you think about travel, don’t forget to make a plan. Without making any plans, your trip can be a big hassle. 

If you have a proper plan, get more time to explore everything there.

Visit During a Regional Festival

Another tip to ensure travel time is to plan your trip around regional festivals. During a regional festival time, tourists can participate in the celebrations and learn about their traditions, culture, and food. For example – the best time to visit Puri is late June for Rath Yatra and Mysore during Dussehra.

Ditch the Camera

Tourists tend to carry cameras wherever they go. There’s nothing wrong with capturing the best vacation moments, but it has drawbacks. Always clicking pictures of locals can lead to repulsion. Many people don’t like having a stranger take their picture.

Remember your ID

Some countries allow you to travel domestically without a passport, but that doesn’t mean you should leave all your ID at home. You’ll still often need ID such as a driver’s license or current passport. So that they can trust you.

Contact your Bank

Before going anywhere, make sure you are carrying enough money with you. You should also contact your bank to know if you need anything. They can help you. 

Also, make sure you let your bank know that you’re traveling domestically, as using your card in another state or territory could be considered suspicious activity and flagged as fraudulent.

Take Note of Different Road Rules

Believe it or not, both US and Australian states have different road rules for each other, as state governments usually manage road safety. 

However, the important ones are generally consistent across states, such as speeding, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and driving on a particular side of the road. But there are slight differences to pay attention to, especially if you plan to drive.

Two girls are enjoying domestic road trip


Domestic tourism offers numerous benefits, including accessibility, cost-effectiveness, cultural exchange, and boosting local economies. In addition, it provides an opportunity to explore one’s own country, appreciate local culture and heritage, and support sustainable tourism practices. 

Whether exploring natural wonders, diving into historical landmarks, or immersing ourselves in diverse urban landscapes, domestic tourism offers a world of possibilities waiting to be discovered. So, pack your bags, embark on a journey of exploration, and uncover the treasures that await in your own backyard.

Domestic Tourism FAQs

I love to do domestic tours because it saves me money. What about you? If you have any questions regarding domestic tourism, then please feel free to ask in the comment section. 

Here I’m giving you some common questions that people usually ask:

What is domestic tourism?

Domestic tourism is travel within your own nation.

Why is it so important?

The domestic trip is essential for the domestic economy as it feeds money into the local economy.

What is domestic tourism strategy?

An inbound tourism growth strategy includes how the tourism industry uses ways to address challenges affecting its growth and maximize its revenue.

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